Marsha Certain | Customer Service Superstar

Marsha Certain is definitely one nurse who you want to be working the floor. She has integrity, a sense of humor and most importantly a passion for the people that she serves each and every day.

Marsha is not only compassionate to our residents but respectable to our CNAs! She is a strong team player who will always help out and do any job, and still maintain accuracy of her job duties.

As a nurse, she is presented with many challenges and obstacles on a daily basis. Marsha is a multitasker extraordinaire! She overcomes these challenges with her positive attitude, contagious smile, and the determination to make our Resident’s First!

Co-Worker stated, "I love working with Marsha! She will always help in any situation, and believes that every worker is equal on the floor".

Thank you Marsha Certain for being a great role model for our nursing team, an amazing team player, and best of all, a wonderful nurse to our residents!